Meet the Board of NITA

Cris Sánchez, FCCI, CCI CA, CCI NV Cris Sanchez

President - email:
(Term 2015-2017)

Cristina Sanchez is a native Spanish speaker born in Mexico. She initially pursued a career in Financial Administration at the UAM (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana) but her love for languages led her to study French at the Allianza Francesa de Mexico and English at the Instituto Superior de Interpretes y Traductores (ISIT). She met the love of her life and moved to California in the United States where she began a family and worked for over ten years in management for different companies in the financial industry, her language skills were always put to good use in the translation of financial and legal documents, as well as interpreting to clients. In 2000, Cristina decided to become independent from corporate America and began her journey as an independent contractor always gravitating towards the fields of translation and interpreting. She studied at the Southern Nevada School of Interpreting and worked in the medical, administrative and financial industries. She obtained her certification as Court interpreter in California in 2003. Cristina moved to Las Vegas, obtained her certification as Court Interpreter in 2005, and became a Federal Certified Court Interpreter in 2009.

Elena Gandia Garcia Elena Gandia Garcia

Vice President - email:
(Term 2015-2017)

Elena Gandía García holds a PhD in Translation and Interpreting (2011) by Universitat Jaume I, in Spain. Her dissertation is on the Spanish translation of free software licenses. She is also a Court Translator and Interpreter (English-Spanish) by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (2003). Elena has past experience as a legal interpreter and translator (last will and testament and purchase agreements). In 2009, AECID (Spanish International Cooperation Agency) awarded her a scholarship to teach in Dalian University of Foreign Languages, in China. She has published articles on Audiodescription, Spanish Grammar, and Using Textual Genres to Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. Currently, she is doing research on Teaching Translation and Interpreting. She is also an Assistant Professor in Residence at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Marlene Monteolivo-Brewer Marlene Monteolivo-Brewer

Secretary -
(Term 2016-2018)

Marlene Monteolivo-Brewer is currently a Nevada Certified Court Interpreter. She worked as an interpreter for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for four plus years. Marlene’s interpreting experience dates back to Southern California where, in Ventura, she worked as an interpreter for several law firms.
Marlene holds a Master’s degree in educational Psychology, Counseling and Guidance from CSUN and a Certificate on Public Relations from UNLV. Marlene has an extensive career in Communications dating back over twenty years. She pioneered, produced and anchored the first newscast in Spanish in Nevada for Telemundo. For the last 19 years, she has authored the column “La Perspectiva Monteolivo” in El Mundo Newspaper, a weekly publication in Las Vegas. Up to the present, she produces and hosts the program “Radio la Voz de Nevada” on KENO 1460 AM, where she interviews government dignitaries and interprets simultaneously or consecutively as needed on the air.

Janie O. López Janie Ortiz Lopez

Treasurer -
(Term 2016-2018)

Janie Ortiz Lopez is a federal investigator for the US. Department of HUD/Office of Fair Housing. In this capacity, she uses her bilingual (Spanish) skills to investigate discrimination complaints in housing and enforce the Fair Housing Act. Starting with her first job at the “ripe” age of fourteen to the present she has been interpreting/translating. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and her career focus has been in the housing/financing industry and in civil rights. Wanting to expand her career horizons, she obtained her certification as a Nevada Court Interpreter in 2012. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, she has lived abroad in the South Pacific and Europe, as well as traveled to other countries, where she has had ample opportunities to experience other cultures and languages firsthand. Consequently, she has learned other languages--although not fluently--well enough to break barriers and make new friends. As a board member, Janie is looking forward to advancing the goals of NITA and the standards of the industry.

Maria C. Davis Maria C Davis

Membership Director - email:
(Term 2014-2016)

I am a native of Northern Mexico.  I came to this country in 1989, leaving behind an incomplete Accounting major at the University of Coahuila.  My husband, Mike, retired from the USMC in February of 2005 and we decided to make Reno, NV our permanent home.  I have been working as a freelance interpreter/Translator since 2006, in the areas of education, court and warehousing. I also facilitate classes for the Strengthening Families Program, and for the Washoe County School District Parent Involvement Resource Center both in English and Spanish.  One of my goals when Interpreting is to ensure that people are able to recognize that the fact that someone may speak little or no English does not describe his/her level of education and/or intelligence.

Benjamin Karl

PR Director - email:
(Term 2015-2017)

Ben Karl, originally from upstate New York, fell in love with languages at an early age. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in French Translation and East Asian Studies from McGill University in Montréal, Québec and a Certificate of Advanced Chinese Proficiency from the Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China. After joining the translation industry as a project manager and team lead for a multi-national translation company in 2011, he decided to open his own translation business in 2013. His specialties include marketing, public relations, tourism, financial, and corporate communication. He is expected to receive his MBA from University of Nevada, Reno in 2017.


(Term 2015-2017)