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Register as a new NITA Member

Important Information


  • The first four fields, i.e.: username, email, first name, and last name, are all required (just in case: the “username” is what you’ll use to log into the NITA website)
  • Most other fields of this subscription form are also required; if so, they are marked with an asterisk like this*. If you skip those, an error message will remind you of the information you must provide before you can complete your application. Please check that you filled all those out before you click the “Register” button, below; else, you run the risk of having to type your information all over again!
  • Make sure that you have read the NITA Bylaws first; your acceptance of and adherence to them is a requisite of membership.
  • Please double check your email address because a confirmation email will be sent to it. And, just in case: remember to check your ‘spam’ folder in the event our confirmation messages are put there by your email provider.
  • Once you filled out all applicable information and clicked the Register button shown below, you are presented with a PayPal subscription payment option. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay your membership fee; you can also use their service to submit your payment online with your credit card.
  • Once you have completed registration and payment, an email is sent automatically to you containing your login information! So, please check your email first, then proceed to login to NITA OnLine.
  • If you apply as a Student, remember to separately send us proof of current enrollment in a post-secondary educational institution that is a member of the Nevada State University System!
  • Again: check you filled out all required fields before you click the “Register” button. Not all browsers are set to “remember” what you typed, and if you miss a required field, you will have to type all over again. Just a last reminder!
  • Once you submit your registration by clicking the Register button, you will be taken to PayPal where you can complete the transaction with your payment. Once completed, you will receive a payment confirmation email message from PayPal. Of course you will also receive a welcome email from us, with you login information.

And now, most importantly: THANK YOU for your support of NITA! We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Registration Form

To register as a new NITA member, please click the link below:

Register as a NITA Member!