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NCILogoIn 2015, NITA became an affiliate of the University of Arizona's National Center for Interpretation (NCI) and through this agreement our members receive an exclusive discount on all of NCI's training courses. This is a great opportunity for those NITA members who need continuing education credits to fulfill licensing requirements or for new members who wish to hone their interpretation and translations skills. Those members interested in getting this discount should visit NCI's website and/or contact one of NITA's board members to get the discount code after validating their NITA membership. If you are not a member yet, we encourage you to become a NITA member to enjoy this and other perks!

Read ‘The NITA Online Daily’ for your daily updates on language, translation and interpreting news The NITA Online DailyThe NITA Online Daily is a collaborative publication, pulled together every day from the observations, finds and ideas tweeted by fellow linguists from around the world. It is a quick, daily round-up of interesting news, articles and musings of language professionals and enthusiasts to bring you up-to-speed over a cup of morning coffee or tea. You can also subscribe there to receive a short email message early in the morning as soon as it's updated.

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If you are an interpreter and interested in skill-building opportunities in Nevada, check out our professional development events sponsored and organized by NITA. If you are interested in strengthening your skills as an interpreter in medical / health care settings, or need Continuing Education Credits for AOC, and also quickly come up to speed with the important and particular code of conduct and professional / ethical topics applicable to this wonderful profession, our courses are for you!

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